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A dairy of some one

Apr 12, 2020

One day, I went to the library with my best friend. But I had a conversation with my client in grade 5. And then, I looked down to see some ant. But I saw a notebook. First, I gave this to my best friend and he says: "I have an advice for you, you must give this to the policeman to he give this to the owner". But I thought this is depress and I did not listen, I read this book. My best friend saw that, he read with me! Oh my god, this is a diary. And I read: " Sorry creditors, I forgot to paid a lot of money for you. I borrowed you long time, sorry because I bother you. I plan paid to you annual but I forget. My address is change should you can't find me. After that, a new rumor about me. My purpose merely I never pay you. I claim I didn't pay you. Therefore, You hate me. You must to remember, you are rich but I am smarter than you." When I finished reading, I heard a applause. Oh, this is my best friend. I don't know when he appeared. He reminded me: " Give to the police " and then we go to the policeman and gave this to him.

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