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A food critic

Apr 12, 2020

My father used to sell stationery but now he is a food critic. His job consists of evaluating a popular or famous dish or a restaurant and then compiling (compile)  an article or an analysis about it. He couldn't do this if he wasn't capable, delicate and productive. He works efficiently and effectively. His ambition is to be one of the top critics and have his own escort. Any restaurants which are appreciated by the top critics will be known worldwide. He often consults them to learn more. He is trying his best and he won't let the despair capture and conduct him. I think he is a great candidate for being on top. Recently, he is appointed and designated to write about the restaurant near the city center by his company. Overall, this restaurant has good feedback. The chef has strict regulations for food so many clients are satisfied with the quality of food. This will facilitate them and be an advantage in promoting. My father makes spreadsheet and concludes that their lead time is also shorter than their opponents'. This may lead to unwanted conflicts. Anyway, this restaurant deserves to have a good article writing about them. 

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