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A letter to a friend

Jul 06, 2020

Dear Samuel,

I hope you are doing excellent. I am writing to inform you about a place I had been for the first time and the experience is overwhelming. I would like to take you there and show how this part of the city is different than the rest.

Recently, I, along with a group of people, visited a slum area as part of social activity. This slum is situated in a distant place, away from the city outskirts and could be reached on foot only. Upon entering the area, I was surprised by the children who were ready to welcome us; they were eagerly waiting that someone would bring something for them to eat. We spent about 4 hours playing games, explained to them the importance of personal hygiene, taught them few important social aspects, gave them food which we took along with us, and at the end of the session we distributed around 30 winter blankets for each family in the slum. When we were in the midst of the slum, I personally saw and felt their poverty, their longing for help, and the need for social awareness. When we were leaving, I was so happy to see the smiles on their faces.

The trip to the slum infused me of an idea to gather a few more and ask them for their help in supporting the slum dwellers. I know that you are very much interested in these types of philanthropic activities.

If you agree, we can visit there next week and help them in any way possible.

Yours truly,


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