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A letter to my family

Jun 13, 2020

Dear Mrs Beth,

I have safely reached home last Tuesday. I want to thank you for the warm hospitality and kindness that you and your family have rendered to me. It felt just like home living with all of you. As you are already aware that I was racing against time and rushing to catch my flight, I left a bag with my laptop, charger, and some books in my room. I did not realize it at that time and it only occurred to me halfway through the flight.

These books and the laptop are utterly important for my research. Besides, all of my works are saved on my laptop. I will highly appreciate it if you can go through the trouble of sending me the bag with its contents through a courier. Kindly use the FedEx service as they are quick and reliable in my country.

The approximate weight of the bag will be around five kilograms, and I would like to bear the cost of the courier. Please provide me with your bank details as I will deposit the amount into your account in advance.

I will be very grateful to you for this act of kindness. Thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely,

Faisal Ahmed

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