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A letter to my friend

Jun 29, 2020

Dear Bella,

Hope you are doing fine and enjoying the season. I am so happy that you asked me to babysit Anna for you. She is such an adorable child and I love spending time with her. I would be happy to babysit her for you but due to my exam at the university the next Monday, I am afraid I cannot spare time on Saturday. However, I will be free the next week and would be happy to look after her if you want.

I will be horribly busy studying this whole week and during the weekends as I have an important exam next Monday. My term final result will depend on this exam and I have to dedicate my time to prepare for it. I hope you understand that I cannot spare time before my exam even after I wish I could. However, I will be free the next weekend and would like to babysit for you in case you go out then.

As I remember, I charged you 20 dollars an hour last time and the charge would be the same this time as well. In case you need my service for more than 8 hours a day, you should inform beforehand.

With lots of love.

Yours truly,


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