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A letter to the manager of the company

Jul 01, 2020

Dear Mr Chen,

I am Rona Lyn Olivar, one of the part-time receptionists at your Sea View Hotel. I have been working here since July and I have taken the job to gain some experience that I thought would be helpful for my future career. I am writing to draw your attention to a few issues I have encountered in the hotel. I am hoping that you would take steps to solve these.

I have noticed that some of the duty staff at night shift sleep inside the hotel's quarter instead of being at the reception area. Literally, I and Lindsay- who is also a new employee, work and manage everything at night. They even do not bother to come to the reception area at busy hours when we have an influx of guests - usually on Friday nights. I believe this is against the rules.

Moreover, breakfast is supposed to be ready before 7:00 am but it is not the case. Sometimes the guests have to wait till 8:00 am for breakfast to arrive. Some of the guests have lodged complained regarding this.

I thought you should be notified about these irregularities. Duty officers at night shift should be reprimanded and warned so that they execute their duties. Besides, look at the recent complaints regarding the delay in breakfast serving and talk to the head chef.

I look forward to your response regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Rona Olivar

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