Nấm MarucoNấm Maruco

A little about my family

Apr 12, 2020

Many years ago, my family just had a television, so everyone in my family always argue to want to watch their favourite channels.

My grandpa is interested in traditional concert with orchestra and old instruments and he loves the sounds from keyboard of the piano. When they were performing, my grandpa swayed to the rhythm. He has even collected the graphics of concerts and judged each concert back the graphics.

My dad would likes to watch international news, he want to know about contemporary governments and their commercial policies. My mom enjoys watching romantic movies that have many episodes, she loves permanent love stories and she hates tragedies (tragedy). My younger brother likes watching animated (animation) films and each time TV broadcast advertising (advertise) programs, like a loyal audience he was very attentive to watch and imitate. That's so funny.

I didn't like chaos everytime in my family when they compete the remote control. So I came up with (come up with) a solution that I will spend my time for research literature and sculptures. My bedroom has a lot of category literature, especially thrills. I like that because their substance is so attractive me.

Each member in my family is different characteristics, different olds so the way that they use to entertain also different.

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