Tam PhamTam Pham

A multinational company

Jul 05, 2020

Every company wants to be known worldwide, the company needs a lot of delicate employees who work efficiently and productively to bring advantage to the company when compared to other competitors.

Behavior regulations are quite important for a world-class company if we don't want to make conflicts between people, employees will get despair when working in a toxic environment, everybody deserves motivated office, it's a prerequisite to acquiring their ambitions.

In my company, new candidates will designate to compile with a spreadsheet for a few days, in the lead time they need to prove them self with opponents, they can consult effective employees to get the best results. Their leader always facilitates to help them finish their tasks, such as provide needed stationery, give them feedback as a critic. All candidates appreciate supports from their leader afterward.

Overall, the way to form a company to become a multination company consists of a lot of efforts, bosses are very capable when working under pressure, they also appoint the right people to the position that fit them. They have a capture of the status of the company each week, that information helps them to conduct the big board on the grand line. They also need an escort when having a business trip.

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