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A perfect guy

Apr 12, 2020

My friend and I are talking about love. She has been my best friend since childhood. She is now dating a guy but she doesn't have much experience or skills so she asks me to become her expert

T: My boyfriend is so wonderful with that blond hair. He is so intelligent, elegant, neat, mature, generous and fashion-conscious

M: Hmm.. he seems to be perfect. You should be careful. I'm familiar with guys like that. I used to date with a guy and you know what. He is just a coward and idiot under that "perfect" cover. I was so silly to not realize that sooner.  

T: Don't be so strict like that. My boyfriend is innocent. He is different. He has courtesy, he has never been dishonest to me, he humors me when I'm miserable and desperate and makes me feel cheerful. 

M: Is this kind of person still alive?! I still can't believe him. You should be more cautious. You will be grateful to me and regret for not listening to me when you realize the real him. 

T: Nah! Never have that day. 

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