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A valuable experience

Apr 12, 2020

Today, my boss announced an important news that my team will prepare for the annual conference of the company. whole my team discussed quickly to offer a perfect plan. After arguing together, we agreed with a detail brief. However, when we gave our plan to the boss, he didn't approve with it. He even blamed us for not having a complete plan. We were extreme ashamed but we also admitted that we were wrong, so we were appologized for him. My boss accepted our sorry and hurried us up to get a certain plan soon. 

After that, we tried to contact with the event producers to get useful hints. However, they didn't accepted until we convinced so much. They also helped us order the nessessary equipments to organize the event. We will just confirm odering and receive its later. For their helpings, we will send a postcard with a stamp on it to thank to them. 

We will continue our work includes designing the guide brochures and the additional materials for guests. We will have to check for gramma spelling, even each comma and dot. 

As the whole, we relized that we need to interact together to do everything best and face to face difficulties and complaints bravely. 

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