Alex Armanto Uyên NhiAlex Armanto Uyên Nhi

About freaking old friend

Apr 14, 2020

Im gonna tell you the worst realitonship i ever had, I admit that im completely insane about my my freaking old friend, I'll brief this story because is extremely long, we began since last year January, Although we're classmate for over 4 years but I never played with her, one day when the final exam completed and we have a project first I confirm that my team would be 4 people but she don't have any team to played with so I'm convinced her to joined my team. We discussed and prepared very carefully but when the conference came and we missed the competition is worst when I realized that have been something problem but I don't care about it, (my essay always have a lot of commas sr :<<). So she complaint and blamed that my fault serious?? We argue and then didn't see other face anymore although we apologize but you know when a brochure was wet never can be normal again like my realtionship. Yes I was cry and angrier and then I broke this friendship we never contacted, interact anymore when whole of reasons in this friendship is too much, you know when I'm sad I would order some alcohol to drink and see my postcards in the past including  the postcard about us, maybe I need something to foget but is never helpful. I'm certain that when is over, I feel freedom never cared about her anymore I can lying down and feeling my emotions.

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