Lê Thanh HuyềnLê Thanh Huyền

ai sửa giúp với ạ

Apr 12, 2020

My neighborhood is always proud that there is no crime here. Today, my pricey accommodation is due but I didn't have money in my wallet. So I had to go to the bank to take some money. I took a taxi instead of Grabbike because all vehicles are very crowded that causes a traffic jam at that time. I hate it. HCM city really doesn’t have a room for a person. The population is over. Now, a lot of facilities are built. Lots of rubbishes are on the street which people throw daily. Selfish people made it. They lack the sense badly. So the pollution of air is worse day to day. Everything is unhealthy. We went past the bridge that has just been built 1 year ago after an hour. Finally, I was in the bank. I came to the bank and took some money. I am not scared because security is very good at here. When I got out of the bank and prepared to take a taxi to go home, I saw a poor person who is a beggar. But no one pouched him. I thought: “They are very selfish”. I went to an affordable restaurant and bought a meal for him. I came to him, took him a little money but he ran and he didn’t take money. I checked my handbag: “Oh no! This is a scam. He is a pickpocket. My money was stolen”_ I screamed but no one helped me. I am really disappointed. I need to consider running away to the countryside. The demand for health will be better and it isn't also overpopulated. This is a bad day.

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