Nguyễn Tấn ĐạtNguyễn Tấn Đạt


Jul 11, 2021
Have you ever thought a thing that our universe really exist the other life? According to recent report of some scientists, maybe the other planets support the survival. And we are looking for it. Our universe is really big which cover the planets, the stone,... About fifteen billion years ago, the universe was founded and my Earth was four point nine billion years old. From dinosaur period to human period, some strange signals were sent to the Earth and we also unknow it. The modern technology is developing, many spacecrafts were made and launched with ambition which will be the devices to explain human' questions. Recently, some planets supported the existence are discovering. However, those are larger than my green planet and atmospheric pressure is more different than the Earth. Do you think that alien is living in it? So difficult! We can't know about it and we don't have any evidence to demonstrate it. So, how are your thought?

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