Duc HoangDuc Hoang

Bank robber

Apr 12, 2020

There was a group of people who were preparing for robbing the bank at the garage. They put their items in a trunk and were going to drive a blue van to ABC bank. The robbers destroyed the iron door to invade. While they were getting into the bank, someone who is an employee turned the alarm. The police and the ambulance immediately come to ABC bank. The police blocked the paths off near the bank. It made the traffic crowded like a traffic jam. BBC radio had updated some information related to the bank robbery. Everyone could follow the news from it. The vehicle (like ferry, van, truck, e.t.c) is required to disperse far the bank. The reconciliation between the police and the robbers didn't finish. Then, the robbers caught several passengers to escape. The police tracked the robber's signal to pursue. The transportation related to the railroad, flight, harbor was limited. The cruise of escape was such difficult to the robbers spent a day on running to the outskirts. They suddenly put on the brake and run into the tunnel. Unfortunately, they returned to the place where there was a helicopter. they decided to run on the pavement without the windshield. They didn't care about the belt seat and driving license. The sailors had been hiking (hike) at the platform while the robbers were crossing the road. Finally, they didn't be penalized the fare.

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