Phươngg ThảooPhươngg Thảoo


Apr 12, 2020

I'm really into watching basketball matches, especially watching them directly. I love the sounds of the whistle, the ball when it bounces, and the players' shoes when they rub the basketball court. There was a basketball league championship's final last week. I was excited to hear that it would be hold in my university. There were a great number of spectators and audience watching Team A and B competing (compete). Both teams had trained hard for this battle and were all in good conditions, so it was hard to predict accurately which side was gonna win or lose. At first, A was blocked by B for a while, I thought it was quite unfair because B had many tall and big players. In the middle of the match, a player from A got an injury, his knee got swollen, but it wasn't too bad so he still continued playing. When it seemed like to be a draw, the leader from A made a buzzer beater when it was only 2 seconds left. The crown cheered loudly, A defeated B, had the victory and became a superstar.  

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