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Apr 12, 2020

My friend & I have a date in the coffee shop to talk about the thesis and some handouts relate to. 

M: This is the summary of the thesis. I researched and outlined very concrete it. What do you think about this one?

B: I acknowledge it very detailed and high academic. I think, in the seminar next week, you’ll do fluently and the council at your institute will give you high score. A merit with your trying.

M: Thanks. This is prerequisite I have to do to hace a diploma of college. I calculated many time about terms of my father. If I can complete the assignment that graduate with type A, he will let me do my dream. So I have to follow him.

B: What’s your dream?

M: My dream is Ballet. I hate Biology, Chemistry and Philosophy but I have to learn. My department has a boy like me.

B: Really? I think two of you should take hold hands to the committee to register marriage.

M: Are you kidding me? We are just friends although he qualify.

B: So afterwards you two is just colleagues of the Ballet?

M: I think so. It’s also my honor.

B: You two is so commensurate if two of you love each orther that is so fun.

M: Come on! Don’t talk about this anymore. I have to go back my home. My tutor will angry if I’m late. Good bye. See ya!

B: Bye!

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