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Chicken Noodle Soup

Apr 12, 2020

If any of us have watched the MV, I will definitely understand the title I have set.

Soup is my food favourite. It is spicy, yummy, very great. This is a popular dish in parties, wedding, birthday....

Its composition includes: pork, chilly, onion, herb, carrot, crab, egg,....etc. It isn't any oily, very easy serve.The sweetness of the soup makes our stomach scratchy.

Beside, I also love hotpot. It is savoury, sauce, beef. To prepare for the hotpot, we need beef, onion, carrot, spicy, herb, spinach, dipping sauce....etc.                                                                                  Bacon is a very tasty dish. It makes us angry because of hangry. This is dry food. Only need grill is ok.                                                                                                  Beef stir-fry, pig boil, food vegetarian, crispy. It is great groceries.    #Stove           

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