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Meeting men online

Apr 12, 2020

M and T are talking with each other in a cafe... 

M: I've just been acquainted casually with a man online. He has a good-looking appearance. He is well-built and has a firm chest. And you know what, he has a dimple and a mole next to his left eye. So cute!! 

T: Wow! I'm jealous of you. I used to date a man online and you know what, he is completely different from the photo he gave me online. He is ugly, overweight and he looks pale. His sharp jaw makes his face look even more ridiculous. He looks like an elderly. He even didn't shave his beard when he met me! I didn't want to be rude so I still stayed and had a dinner with him but he wanted me to treat him!! He is so selfish

M: That's bad. My man is different, he has a good personality. He is polite and thoughtful. He is sometimes naughty, stubborn and nasty bur that even makes him more charming. I'm going to meet him on Sunday. I'll put on make-up to be gorgeous in his eyes. 

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