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Apr 12, 2020

In summer, I was able to visit Da Nang with my parents. That made me extremely delight, could not sleep. I know Da Nang city is the broad city in the Central - Highlands of our country. There are lots of delicious seafood dishes, beautiful beaches, especially exciting adventure games. Here also have natural landscape ideal to atttract tourist. But on the road to arrive with Da Nang city, I have met a little difficult, when I was drunk. I got off the plane, it seemed like I was silent because I was so tired and nauseous. Thanks to my fierce to go out, I tried to get back to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, I hugged the toilet just to vomit. Huhu! After a while, when I was gone, I went with shiny parents to go by and visit Hoi An Ancient Town. From Danang city to Hoi An Ancient Town, it only takes 30km along the straight faintly. Coming to Hoi An Ancient Town, we can see the plain of human here. Because cars are not accessible in the Ancient Town, my family has to walk from outside to the center, visit old houses design of the Chinese and Japanese, Tan Ky old house, boat trip on the river, drop flower lights, ... But I think the walk is too terrible for me, it was like a sharp knife hitting my leg. It would be nice if there was a miracle falling from the sky. My father likes to collect antiques so he buys some pots in the Ancient Town. Now tired, we leave the Old Town and find some restaurant to enjoy the big crabs before going to the hotel in the amusing.

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