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Deceased wife

Apr 12, 2020

I collect a piece of ivory comb. There is two day after the day my wife gone away(to the heaven😔). That day, when I was shaving my beard my wife said that she wanted to visit her mother in the next day. Because I heartless so I didn't care about things she said. I went to officice and worked. And my wife drived herself return her house. But a sad story has happened. A robber chase her so she very panic. She try to run faster but the robber was coming catch up her. She run the fastest she can and a truck hit her. She was took to hospital . Although doctors did everything conducive for her , she didn't over come. I wish I could defend her. I decide celeberate her feneral in next Sunday. The policeman are going to arrest the robber who made my wife's death. That robber create a big hurt for my family so he won't defeat the police. The bad asmostphere is covering in my spirit. It stir my life. But I select to live more well. I combine both my hobby and my wife'hobby. I stick memory in many site. I also go to the bend where the accident happen to remember about my wife. I will solve every housework although memory about spill in my head . I will decorate flower in my wife's room although I feel be out of strength. I miss my wife in the times she spoil the soup. I miss her in the times she continue eat hambuger although I don't accept. I miss her in the times she convert very beatiful when she get out of house with me. I miss her so much. There will be no one buy skate for me , no one compete remote with me or adjust the suit for me and reserve the ticket. At now I must myself control my life without her. I must delete bad behavior and stop damage myself. 

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