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Describing things 2

Apr 12, 2020

Because some reason, we had to move to another country. We didn’t have enough money so we just could buy a house that is a position quite horrible. You have to across a small bridge to go my new home.

That house is completely different with my old house. It’s empty, dirty and there are a few sticky solids on the that look quite nasty. We have to clean every awful things in the little house and buy basic interiors. “We are able to do this” I thought.

I decorated for navy blank wall by family pictures at eye-level. It’s so awesome. We bought some furniture pretty cheap that were discounted 20% and the gentle manager discounted extra 10% for our. We also bought a limited edition refrigerator with a bargain price. We are so lucky, right? 

Some old stuffs that were separated before to transfer easier, we reinstalled the same as the original. This house is quite cool because it is covered by a very big tree.

Everything is possible! Bright smiles on our face when we done. We are so hungry now so we placed a table below the tree and enjoyed instant noodles.

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