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Economic crisis

Apr 12, 2020

Nowadays, inflation happens in many countries, it’s effects the enterprises, stocks are constantly fluctuated and falled very quickly, causing an economic crisis and the currency is decreased its value. Many companies met a lot of barriers on business so some of them had to declare bankruptcy and accountants of those companies had a headache with the audit about budgets and solved finance problems. I read a news about a real estate company that owed too much money, the people who wanted to buy house by that company requesting refunded accurate the deposit by down payment. The boss of that company had to auction all his assets, he also exchanged his old penny collection that he accumulated in many years for some cash to pay the debts. His dividend that also was his savings that he used to share for employees. The last dollar inside his wallet that he bought a lottery ticket to trying his fortune last time. Fortunately, he won and he donated haft part the money that he won for a charity fund. Then he decided to prepare a portfolio and find some partyes to build up his career again. It's so admirable!

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