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Exchange program

Apr 12, 2020

The Principal of the university in the Kingdom of England has arranged an exchange program with Vietnam students. The England students will stay in Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam this summer. The ambassador of England is going to direct this program and explain the schedule for their students. The destination of students is in Vietnam, so they have to bring essential items of baggage. The students have a stopover for a night in India. Their departure will be at 5:00 am and go to Vietnam territory at 11:00 am. The exchange students will be at Noi Bai international terminal. Because of a long voyage, the hotel is available for the students to relax. The next day, they go ahead with their journey and visit a local village where is located in the lane with the fountain. The students will go sightseeing according to the calendar (plan). They will go camping with locals after they come. By the exchange students method, The student can bring some souvenirs for their close people. They can describe and publish their journey when the end of the adventure. Perhaps, I check out and immigrate in Vietnam. they shouldn't let other people unpack their baggage.

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