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Exciting classes at Cambridge University

Apr 12, 2020

I study together at Cambridge Institute. Mary is my sister. She is also an international student but not at Cambridge but at Oxford University. In Cambridge, I was really bored when studying academic subjects, biology, chemistry, philosophy, maths ... Especially philosophy is really boring. Students always have to do extremely difficult thesis. I am also very bored when studying Math, students always have to calculate ways to make thousands of problems both difficult and easy, sometimes we still have to explode. But now my assignment is to complete all those subjects to get a convice. In order to do that, I need the handout to learn. I have set up a council that is my whole family. I also want my old sister do tutor. She could give advice on my work, by the way. because I chose the tourism department, she advised me to work in tourism. Currently, my school holds a seminar. I need to outline for some travel related issues. Just a summary of some of the problems. Thanks to that, I am qualify to attend a training course. In training, there are many terms to follow. When the training ended, I got a graduate diploma. That's very wonderful. After graduation, I was recognized by my acknowledgecolleagues as having a little special ability. That’s honor

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