Liệp DinhLiệp Dinh

Experience of my life

Apr 12, 2020

1/ you owe me a beer.

2/ I want to auction my car to pay my debt.

3/ When you buy products in Shopee. If there are some problem about products, you can click on the button "return request" and you should exchange with seller. I think after exchange maybe Seller will accept refund money for you. The money will be added on your Shopee Wallet.

4/ My team need budget to compensate for bad experiences of customers.

5/ I used my savings for deposit this house. My asset just have this house. Now, If you ask borrow my money, I just have some penny, can not give the down payment for anything.

6/ My family had finance crisis for a long time.After that my mom won the lottery so we passed.

 7/ What do you think about inflation in VN? 

8/ In the end each year, we usually donate food, books, clothes and money for poor peoples. 

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