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Feaful vacation in Coto island

Apr 12, 2020

Summer vacation is relax time for everyone and i also had a memorable and fearful vacation with my friends in Co To island which is in Quang Ninh province. 

First day, We went to Quang Ninh by a cruise car and as we arrived, we kept on moving by a ferry to go to coto islands.Then nearby the Coto port, we stayed at small but beautiful hostel which had a large garage including many trucks and vans. After taking a breathe, somefriends and I hiked along the beach and breathed in the fresh sea air. Wave crashing onto cliffs, soft sight of the sea-breath, clean white sands and turquise water. That was such a marvelous lanscape.  

Nevertheless, second day, after waking up, I suddenly felt strange, it liked  something badly happend. I walked outside onto the path in front of this hostel, most passengers packed the trunks of their trucks with their belongings.I quickly returned inside my room and turn on the laptop. I saw " Tsunami to hit Coto island" and the laptop showed many people crowded on the train platforms, tried to escape by railroad. My friends and I quickly gathered our belongings and took a van of the host to move on the harbor. I put on my seat-belt and sped off.  Then I saw a helicopter flying high above my head, and i thought i certainly paid fare to catch this flight but Lightning struck the helicopter and it came crashing down onto the ground on flames that made traffic jam more and more terrible. After that many debrises from the plane fell on our windshield. Some ambulances crossed the tunnel and arrived the accident location to help victims. I must pack my van on the pavement and wait for signal helping from other flight. Ater 2 days, we were taken back mainland and i felt extremely lucky for that. I think that i will never come back there again... 

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