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First days at Cambridge university in England ❤️❤️❤️

Apr 12, 2020

Ha and I has been best friends since we were very young. Looks like we met when we were in nursery. Because of that, we all share the same dream of learning inside the door of Cambridge University. But in practical, Ha's younger sister is still attending Primary School, but Ha's family is still poor, Ha still has to fight on the school's scholarship to have the money to fulfill her dream. Ha and I were told by the English teacher that we are promising. We decided to always take part in English language competitions and also acted as an practice to access the environment in England or abroad. Because all competitions are held abroad and we have all the living expenses covered by the organizers. We always want to assert that we will have to go to Cambridge. Unexpectedly, at the end of the year at high school, Ha received a very high scholarship. My parents and she agreed to go to England to study abroad. We register in this school. Come to England to do all the procedures and tests. Go home to get a diploma. And of course, not for everyone to be disappointed, we were accepted to Cambridge after the holidays. In general overview, we haven't fail anyone. First, we have to buy uniforms, textbooks, ... . The first thing we saw in the new school was a huge blackboard, especially when we were classmates. We also have mentor to visit the school and private residence. The opening day has also come, the principal has a lecture about the object, outstanding and mistake of students and especially there must be an improvement for new students. The next day, we had to examine with elementary essay with difficult layoutAnd later on we have a project of degree, quantify and regardless of students. Of course it is necessary to revise

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