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Free Writing - Dec 25

Dec 25, 2022
today is 25th december. It’s christmas in 2022. Coming to the end of 2022, the past year has been a year of many changes for me. I improved more in appearance, in knowledge, in relationships. But my ego is still too big, I haven't been able to control my emotions and I gradually relax the principles that I set for myself. I swear more than before, pay more attention to other people's affairs and make decisions too hastily. I've realized who I am but I don't know what I want and what I should do, too many things for me to decide. But also thank yourself for trying your best, not giving up on anything. That's what I'm proud of myself. I hope Santa will help me find solutions to the decisions that affect my future, I hope the new year brings you more luck and I wish I didn't lose a thing. I want to live in this moment forever. Thank you to everyone who makes me realize that life is still rosy. 2023 must have many changes,

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