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Free Writing - Feb 15

Feb 14, 2021
🙂Do you think about money? Thousands of years, human live by eat wildlife's animals. Society is developing and human is also changing human's life way. Products is result of working. It were produced and saved. When area is not enough to save products. Human will sell some products. So, money was born from that time. This year is 2021, human have just passed the terrible breakout that have a unfriendly name is Corona Virus. This virus firstly appeared in Wuhan of China. At that time, human didn't love money. At present, society still have some people who are bad members of society. They love money and they want to control others by money. Married to foreign husband and never go back to their countrysides. Beacause, they loved money and they disliked their life in their countrysides. But, passed Corona virus breakout. Almost of people know the healthy is the most important thing. Let's read and you will be a success human!

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