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Free Writing - Jul 13

Jul 13, 2022
When I was 5, my father bought me a robot and I very like it. But once day, I wake up like every morning, I realized that I lost my important toy. In that moment, I'm very upset, I lost breakfast, I couldn't focus on studying and even I dissapointed in myself because I couldn't hold my best friend. Until I grow up, when I helped my mom when she was going shopping in the market, you know what I found when I arranged the bookself, I found that toy, (OMG) I couldn't believe it, I've lost it for 5 years and now I've seen the most vital thing that I can't forget. After my mom had gone home, I told her about the story happened today, she smiled with me and she felt happiness, you know why, cause she know that I still remember that toy eventhough it's been 5 years

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