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H & J

Apr 12, 2020

Hoa is my best friend of me, she engaged with groom (Jame) sine 3 months ago. From that, Hoa became wife of Jame, Jame became husband of Hoa. Then, they are receive a house from her spouse bought 5 months ago. And their family have two member are daughter and son. A house of their very cozy make me jealous. Owner is celebrated from Sunday and guide vistit everythinng relate around house. Landlord very pretty when guide our because i think is's instinct of them. They also allow to stranger compare to neighbor but they don't allow to ruin everyhing in here because they are settled by housewife and housekeeper. Besides, they adopt a dog and a cat to keep their house and they are celebrate anniversary every year. I feel happy instead them.

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