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Apr 12, 2020

I will listen to my mom advice.

If you borrow me, you should pay whenever you can.

You claim that you love her, but you don't. That is a goddamn lie!

I very depress because my interview is not well.

I always clean my house annual.

Don't bother me, you must to get out!

That is my diary give me back.

I forget today is her birthday, oh I should to buy her a gift!

Do you remember me?

several people thinks this is a murder

What's the matter with you? you need to calm down and relax.

I remind you to clean you table, but you don't hear it.

I need to know her address.

You have an appointment with your boss.

Do I have a conversation with the journalist?

I invite you to come to my house.

My purpose is to live not to die.

The president have a speech in front of the Congress.

Batman's always appear at midnight.

You obtain your aim.

The rumor is not true.

Can I translate this paragraph?

The applause is very loud.

I want to have a discussion with my client.

Do you possess that building?

You need to underline this page.

I deny it, this is not my report.

See you later baby.

The police wants to know the meaning of that symbol.

I have your car therefore you come with me.

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