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Homemade food.

Apr 12, 2020

I am a person who loves to cook, so I always like to eat homemade food instead of going out to eat like a buffet, barbeque... I often go to the market to buy an ingredient and cook my favorite on the weekend because I have free time on the weekend. I often have a habit of searching online for food recipes, mouth-watering starter and quality that are good for health with vitamins and minerals for my family to enjoy. Sometimes I go to the bakery to buy some delicious cakes to try and learn about the recipe and try it because I think making cakes at home is no additives and very safe for health.

It can be said that I am addicted to cooking and maybe addicted to eating too ^^ because for me cooking and eating are happiness :))))


The daughter-in-law has the potential to make parents-in-law by cooking delicious food.

Nam was so peckish that he skipped his hands and ate. 

Tom is preparing(prepare) a portion for a picnic. 

ravenous: rất đói; famished: đói cồn cào; 

sparkling: sủi bọt; saliva: nước bọt. 

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