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How workout changed my life

Jul 05, 2020

I became a customer of UFC Gym 6 months ago, my coach trained me very well. I went to the gym in my leisure time, instead of spending on recreation activities. I am building this hobby day by day, I lose fat and gain weight. After 6 months, I archived the goal which I created before, this is just the beginning. This service is highly recommended.

During that time, I also try to play some sport, cricket, basket, and even a goalkeeper. I often play as a captain role in many fields. I got a medal in the AFF league in the past year, this is the occasion that I never forget, my team win in the last minute by a penalty. I also joined some tournament in the city and got a lot of trophies (trophy). I don't want to be a professional athlete, I just play for fun, I feel so excited when staying in the court.

I now a plan to play some daredevil sports, during practice I got some bruises, of course, some tiny hurts like that will not stop me. I tried to skateboard, sailing, parachute, and surf the wave, I need an expensive swimsuit to play this. I am an addicted chess player. I am looking for one day my reputation is popular in my generation. I often record my soundtrack in my spare time which is needed my friend involved.

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