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Huong Giang Idol

Apr 12, 2020

Huong Giang Idol is a powerful woman in LGBT COMMUNITY of Vietnam. In my opinion, I don’t judge people on 3rd gender. I really admire her. My favorite song of her is “ADODDA”. She becomes a attractive & charming woman now. In the past, on her memory, she was afraid of her father knowing she was a transgender. She felt ashamed and guilty. She doesn’t have a good background so she had to try working hard. Had too much netizens who was so curious about her, some of them told cruel and rude words but she still kept a positive attitude. She thought they just envy with her so they told negative words like that. She was stlll polite and patient although they annoyed her a lot and she was also too busy to care about their jealousy. She want to make a work of songs that give pleasure to millions of people. That will be the moment she feels most peaceful.

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