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I'll let you know how my city everything changes?^^

Apr 12, 2020

Yesterday, I returned my house after five years, it takes 12 hour to get there, i'll let you know how my city everything changes? It looks like traffic is more convenient than before, there are so many traffic jams in my city: vans, trucks, ambulances, etc.... In outskirts construction the pavement for hiker, very crowd, tunnels, railroads and platform, sailors control on the train, in the ferry, port, harbor, garage the fare is quite expensive. Besides, there are flights and helicopters for the passenger. Add more signal, brake while driving with windshield, belt and trunk...City licensed for the cruise to track when cross the path full of vehicle. I'm so proud of my city. I love it! 

(-It takes+khoảng thời gian + to do something: mất bao lâu để làm gì?)

(-I'll let you know + mệnh đề: tôi sẽ cho bạn biết...)

(-It looks like: có vẻ như là...


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