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Không đầu, không cuối, không chuối, không chê.

Apr 12, 2020

Do you have a hammer, like Thor?

The range between the borders are so complicated

I can see it, laser ray of this gun.

My brother's sleeve is dirty because he repairing his motorbike

One of you is a special element.

I fulfill my work so I can relax and drink beer.

Respect with the proofreader is so important

What sector do you work in?

This stuff bag is light

If you want durable with your boyfriend, you need to be patient.

The scientists have many different experiments in the lab.

General, You do not love him.

I presume that she doesn't like him.

This elevator is broken.

the charity has many funds for poor persons.

That film leaked on the internet.

I drink pure black coffee.

This is significant document.

That matter is subject to you

My dad has an equipment box.

I gain the money from the test

His perspective is a difference to me

The skeleton is moving

This edition is more modern.

My former friend is great

My parents generated me

What is the next section?

That man sponsors for my scholarship

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