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Last Journey

Apr 12, 2020

My brother receives a letter to invite to take part in a journey to find treasure. Location is in a cemetery near airport. Because he likes danger so he agree and prepare backpack though everyone's caution. Under moonlight, with his courage, he hikes between grave. There is a strange is waiting him in there tomb over there. They start lift the anchor and go to the downtown. In cabinet of ferry, the strange said to my brother that he would a carrier and bring treasure cross avenue to address xxx. Afterwards, the host would divide treasure and give him 30%. But if you dare. My brother smile and take tissue to wash face. Arrive at crossroads like the stranger said, he dig the treasure is buried under the tree. Then he use cart to bring it to address. But there are some burdensome that in local. There are much mist so an accident happen and people are crowd. He must change itinerary and bring it to abroad. He begin scared and he feel every minutes flow is a century. If he doesn't bring treasure return before carnival , he maybe will be kill. Suddenly, this stranger go to there and kill him. Oh no no please don't kill him. Oh luckily, I just dream. 

# katherine hillary 

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