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Learning English by internet.

Apr 12, 2020

In modern life today, learning English by internet is the trend of people today. You can watch movies from TV or computer or laptop or smartphone just need the internet. For myself, i often watch shows, listen to music or cartoon of foreigners. The channel i often sees is as Ellen Show. It has many good acting scenes and stage that make me not bored. My way of learning is that i review it many times and then copy new words and memorize it, then systemize the newly learned words. Sometimes, I often read BBC news, learn about the customs of countries or about the art of countries such as: flute, drum, statue of Liberty, pottery, portraits or fictions of famous bras.

 There are some ways to learn my English, let's share your way of learning for everyone to know^^


Currently, cable is very suitable for TV. 

Artistic expresstion of emotions for viewers is very much. 

Bo Sua is clothing brand that is widely used by people. 

Record qualifying with short quantitative(quantify) time.

disk: đĩa ; column: cột ; article: báo 

reasonable: thích hợp ; curve: đường cong ; display: bày tỏ 

Hãy là người đầu tiên thích bài viết này.

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