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Apr 12, 2020

Today is Linh's 24-year-old birthday - an exemplary class and also the day we decided to attend class. My class will make a big, unexpected birthday party for it. We want to create a great menu and create a birth that makes Linh impossible to raise. The menu includes a little seafood: shrimp, fish, tuna, ... Also need a bit of meat such as steak, bacon, ... also available juice, lemonade, sausage, dessert, champagne and big birthday cake with mint flavor. If we want to make a cake, we need to prepare some necessary ingredients: flour, mushroom and the recipe for making the cake. Because there are some dieters in my class, I need to prepare some food for the vegetarian. Of course, it is also indispensable for vegetables for seafood: broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, squash, spinach,... During the party, we have many interesting games that need to use some spices: pepper, powder, sour soup, vinegar. And it was done, and it was almost evening that Linh to arrivethe meeting place. Turn off all lights, and 1,2,3 surprise yet! Party very happy

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