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Live a young age without regret.

Apr 12, 2020

When we are young, feel free to express your personality. Please try to live your life once, do what you like and express our characteristics. For example, save money to travel permanently in other countries, watch international concerts, make a crazy audience when going to the broadcasts, commercial center or movie theater, watching thrilling tragedy and animation films, watching performances of favorite orchestras, learning about traditional literature and sculptures to later tell your future children, learn to play at least in instrument...

 Our youth is very short, it is like a rhythm in the music, we have to live a very young age so that later on in old age we don't have to judge it regretfully. 


The computer keyboard is the category of goods people like. 

Advertise(ing) content is highly entertaining. 

The substance of the episode is very good. 

come up with: đưa ra ; contemporary: đương thời

graphics: hình ; chaos: sự lộn xộn 

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