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Apr 12, 2020

After a long stress to do work, I arrange schedule to have  a journey. It about 300km from the north of capital- Ha Noi. I look calendar, sightseeing is coming. I unpack and arrange neccessary things into baggage. My destination is France kingdom. It's territory is near German. I remember that, once time my father has described that France was a heaven. Every year, billions of people immigrate at there. So director alway headache to solve this stituation. 

* in terminal

I start voyage . I stopover in a village belong the outskirts where my aunt live. So I visit her before I go ahead departure. After 2 hours, I am available. My adventure restart. My accomodation is in a small lane. The view of the hotel is beautiful, a fountain with small stream looks very charming. But when they publish the cost I must check out , I very astonish. Very high. This is the method to earn money. I decide stay in camp to enough money for buy souvenir

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