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Merlin - Trò chơi vương quyền

Jul 05, 2020

After the Authur's dead, the crown should belong to the queen - Guinevere, những ham muốn quyền lực bắt đầu nhen nhóm trong đầu Merlin. He has a belief of making magic is legal in the kingdom. He put the Queen and all knights of the round table in dilemma. That was ruined his moral. He takes the crown and asserts his power to all of the tribes. He also posted his victory onto society network which is created by his magic.

All religion in the kingdom was replaced by his name, Merlinist. All inhabitants have to abide by his commands. He is leasing (lease) with Morgana to split the kingdom into two parts because he knows that he can not rule the kingdom alone. He enhances his influence by providing assurance for citizens and residents. His power is now as proximity to Uthur's period, where people were ruled by blood, their rights were deprived by the new king.

All mankind is in a difficult circumstance, it seems like they are at an edge of sufferance. They have a vested interest in better government who will shelter them, their family and also their pet. They are going to create a plan to kill their king in the terrace of Camelot. Merlin waked up from his dream, all the people were involved the game has died.

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