Ngoclinh NguyenNgoclinh Nguyen

My career

Apr 12, 2020

After I gave birth my son, I was jobless for a year. Not actually the whole year, I was freelancer for a few months. And then I worked as a secretary of a filmmaker. Sometiomes, I prepared the contracts between him and the musician, the art designer, the background builder, the photographer, the make up expert, etc... Somtimes, I arranged the accommodation for the team. 

One day, I thought I can't do this job for ever. Now, I'm 30 years old. I have a family with 2 kids and no career. So I announced myself: "I need to do something big, something else." Then I started looking for a job. I used the society network as a tool to find a well paid job. Finally, I found a Bank looked for a bank teller who helps the customers , a hospital looked for 2 positions, a nurse and a reporter. woah, a hospital looked for a reporter position? What a strange. I prepared many job applications, the copies of my university degree. And I put all the documents in a file and sent to the well known employer. 

So today is a day, I am going to attend an interview for bank teller position. I'm quite confident about my knowledge. I think I'm qualified to take responsibility for this job and I'm finally employed. such a good day

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