Phuong LePhuong Le

My Dream

Apr 12, 2020

The good job after you graduated is thing that all people hope. Overall, It is you think, reality is different. My ambition is My coffee and tea with best service in Đà Nẵng. Lead time of my plan is 5 years. So, I consult from my owner in field. I need all thing consist: plan, regulation to conduct is fluently, cost spreadsheet,candidate... to operate store advantage and efficient on nationalwide, maube worldwide. But, i need try to facilitate be appreciated hight with my position. It is help me will be designated and appointed on my company. On office environment, if you need capable that you may be have some opponent with conflict that it make you despair. So you need show that you are effective and delicate, that you are deserved with position that you apply. You is critic for my life with your compile

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