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My father company

Apr 12, 2020

My father have a great background. He is a engineer specialize. He has devoted his life research with beer and his company cooperate with OPY company to the same coordinate genarate a new recipe beer and genarate opportunitys job by unemployment persons, he will desire more remote come out the world. in family, he is very responsible person about agenda another so strict. Can you know Hoang Anh Gia Lai corporation and it's so big, it was accomplish affair authorize 10 persent share for my father company and he was collocate manager. afterward a year, my father was dedicate and very contribute for this company, he feeling not correspond as soon as he resigned, he compromised still cater sometime come company and compensate account money deserve or deliberated abolish recipe beer. the olds, my father will aspire a garden rose. This is my father life assess or not complicated and collaborate with his wife.

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