Mai NhungMai Nhung

My favourite dishes

Apr 12, 2020

Today,I will tell you about my favourite dishes. I am allergic to tuna and I am not vegetarian. I don't know exactly recipes of my favourite dishes neither. The first is mushroom stir-fry. It includes some ingredients such as : broccoli, cabbages, sausage, squash, bacon and steaks. The second is salad mix-up vinegar. This dish need many things : vinegar, spinach, cucumbers, pepper powder, salt, sugar and so on. If you put too much salt in, this dish will be sour. The final is shrimps grill lemons. Its materials is : shrimps, lemons, chillies, garlics, oil, salt, pepper powder, mint, coriander and flour. We can also have dessert with some drinks like : champagne, juice, lemonade.

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