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My girlfriend

Apr 12, 2020

Yesterday, when I was walking in street, I met a brautiful girl. I search a paticular factor on her. She like a bulb's beam. All her aspect is perfect. My attempt to master myself, but I lose. She replace others girls. No one is backup for her. I walked to her and anxiety ask her can I date with her. And great, she agrees. I achieved the thing I want. So today is the first day. Beforehand, I choose typical custome - suit. And blocks knowledge in software in a digital device. I went to bad late last night because I must compile the constant. Eventually, my attempt has has restored. I have a sweat period with her. Ex-herboyfriend want to date with her again but she doesn't agree so he use a weapon to attack her. Luckily, I and police have rescued her. If she die, my battery will lost. She is my everything. Ex-herboyfriend must to admit altogether engine. People like him is the same as bad atom. So don't made a routine like him. Because it is defect. Afterwards my girlfriend come back home, we buy each switch, button and munual install together. 

#Katherine Hillary🍍

# hope receive your opinion🍌

# thanks for reading🍑

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