Tam PhamTam Pham

My girlfriend is number one

Jul 05, 2020

Two years ago since childhood, I have had dating experience with a blond girl. She is very intelligent and generous. She is 5 years old older than me. She has lot of skills set which i didn’t have. I look like an idiot when staying with her. Sometime I seem to silly 😜, but she acts very elegant in response to my behavior. On a night, she and me walk on the street, both of us was attacking by some thiefs, I feel desperate, I was an coward when trying to run away, but she kicks them away by một vài chiêu thức trong môn karate which she learned long time ago. I didn’t aware that. 

While dating with her, i also had another relationships in shadow. I am a dishonest person, I didn’t feel I am innocent. I am conscious about what i am doing. I am not strict with myself. I was trying to get rid of that relationship in courtesy. But i never take actions. Actually i feel miserable

Time flies, i and her got a breakup. She humor me by giving me a cheer. I feel grateful on her. I am growing up as a mature man, to be an expert coworker. I arranged everything in neat. I am careful of everything that i did. Someday, i see a girl on the street who looks familiar as my ex girlfriend. 

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