Nấm MarucoNấm Maruco

My grandpa

Apr 12, 2020

My grandpa love collecting antique. He have a fierce love with ancient items. Each time he collected something, he was so amusing and the delight was evident on his face. He researched every details about those things. On average, the value of the items that he owns is huge so he has a massive secret room to display it. I just went inside once, it’s so broad but everything was shiny

My grandfather is so busy but he’s always spend plenty time for family. He like to cook delicious foods for family by himself. What a ideal man! He told I’m so brilliant and flexible and he has even given me a sharp remark. He always gives me more strong when I feel faintly. He’s also a plain man, he always wears a white shirt with blue stripes and black pants. He passed a difficult time when my grandma went to the heaven. He was full of pity for my grandma. He was silent in a long time that was also a terrible time with my family. I wish have a miracle bringing my grandma back 😢 After school, I went straight from school to home to console my grandpa on that time. 

This story is not lengthy, isn’t it? 🤪

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